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Manufactured from 100% pure cotton canvas (Number 2 Duck – 1085gsm), this heavy duty bag/sack is virtually impenetrable to attack.

The bags are used by Examination Councils to transport, inter alia, completed students’ answer papers, where security in transportation and storage is of paramount importance. The tight weave of the fibres ensures that the bags are resistant to assault by blade, water and vermin. A simulated suede collar allows the neck of the bag to be sealed by a steel chain and brass padlock which is secured to a steel plate.

Each bag is silk screen printed with the Examining body’s name and sequentially numbered. This allows each bag to be traced and accountable. The corresponding number is engraved on each lock and the 3 keys supplied.

The bags are supplied in the natural fibre but can be dyed in accordance with a customer’s requirements.

2 specific sizes, which are individually bagged in polythene, are available:-

Large sized bags which are 59cms x 120cms

Medium sized bags which are 65cms x 85cms